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Room Description

Get Complementary Breakfast,Trekking to Water Stream With Room Rate.
2250 for Couples or 2 Pax in Weekdays
2850 in Weekends
4 Pax 3750 in Weekdays
4 Members in Weekends 4350
Standard Room with all basic amenties, suitable for Couples and small Family Accommodation with queen size bed.

This room Got a view for coffee plantation. Which will let you have Coorg Coffee in Coffee Garden.

The room is located in between Coffee, Pepper,bamboos,and few fruits plantation.

Estate stay coorg
The location is surrounded by lush green environment. Suitable for weekend getaways, family outing, Corporate outing, Couple stay and Holiday spending.

This room can accommodate 4 guests including Extra Beds.

for more information you can visit to www.tripadvisor.in/greennestplantationstay

Estate stay Coorg

  • King Size Beds
  • Television
  • Shared Refrigerator
  • Attached Bathroom
  • Barbeque
  • Camp - Fire
  • Stream Trekking
  • Plantation Walk
  • Fun at the River Stream
  • Complimentary Breakfast